“…storming the pianistic ramparts with talent and determination.” The Australian (Anna Goldsworthy)

“Musical journey made in heaven. The piano and music itself are the outstanding stars in the adaptation of Anna Goldsworthy’s award-winning memoir into a performance of pure enchantment. So begins a piece of music theatre that… seems to have been made in heaven.”
The Courier-Mail (Piano Lessons)

Anna Goldsworthy’s book, Piano Lessons, is a memoir of her musical education from the age of nine, under the passionate tutelage of Russian teacher, Mrs Eleanora Sivan. Anna is at once brutally honest, self deprecating and funny and gives an exquisite insight into what it takes to be a musician and performer.

Re-imagined as a two-handed theatrical story alongside the dramaturgical talents of Michael Futcher, Anna Goldsworthy, playing herself, has created an intimate masterpiece in combining the written word with the musical dimension of her book. Goldsworthy’s award-winning book, which recounts her musical awakening as a young girl, struck a deep chord with critics, readers and music lovers on its 2009 release.

Goldsworthy herself stars in the stage adaptation, which, like the book, elegantly illustrates the intriguing relationship between the young pianist and her Russian teacher. This charismatic enigma inspires and challenges her young charge in equal measure as they work through a program of sublime piano pieces, including selections from Mozart, Liszt and Chopin.

Part theatrical production and part concert, Piano Lessons will provide insight into the lives and inspirations of the great masters to expose the process of learning, interpreting and creating music. Piano Lessons will take the audience inside a musician’s journey through a unique real-life performance – a theatrical insight into what it takes to be a virtuoso; physically, psychologically and emotionally.


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