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Art Speak #12

Metro on the Move by Jo Thomas


Art Speak #11

Can Theatre Make You Live Longer? by Nathan Sibthorpe.


Art Speak #10

Learning As We Go by Andrew Mottershead.


Art Speak # 9

An Open Letter to Emerging Artists by Sue Rider.


Art Speak #8

In Conversation (like a casual chat) with Wightman & Stark.


Art Speak #7

The Importance of Practical Pathways for Emerging Artists by Aaron Dora.


Art Speak #6

Aishla Manning. Soft Blow 2018. Photographer and Videographer Naomi O’Reilly.

Sisyphus Could be Smiling: Imagining Futurity in Aishla Manning’s Soft Blow 2018 by Kinly Grey


Art Speak #5

I Only Became an Artist so That I Would Be Criticised by Caity Reynolds


Art Speak #4

Mandy Quadrio moves out of the gallery for Maiwar Festival. 


Art Speak #3

Making live absurdist art in an absurd contemporary digital world  with Heidi Manché


Art Speak #2

Female leaders unite at the Matilda Awards with Elise Greig



 Art Speak #1

#MeToo and More with Brian Lucas

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