Slide right to the cutting edge of contemporary performance and live art.

Slipstream rushes into Metro Arts, and brings with it a wide range of time-based art. Flow through one space to another to see the most experimental performance, contemporary dance, live digital drawing, and immersive installations. Artists from across Australia and the world come together in this concentrated burst of time-based art; fluid in nature and slippery in form.

With a focus on process and experimentation, Slipstream propels you through exciting new territories where the boundaries between artists and audiences, performance and visual art, the present and the future blur and disappear.

So come with us. Be brave, and step into spaces ready to see new things, to participate, to dive in.


Liesel Zink thumbnail
Slipstream opens with this large scale work of durational public dance, by acclaimed Brisbane choreographer, Liesel Zink. Developed in residence at Metro Arts, The Stance is a dance and sound work that investigates the choreography of bodies in protest, seeking to discover alternate modes of political activism. The work unfolds over the course of a full day in public space – drop by to see the work before the sun sets and the three day art party slides into third gear at Metro Arts…


Follow behind acclaimed Swiss artist Gregory Stauffer as he leads you down a strange path – blending contemporary dance and performance art in a strange, contemplative, and deeply humorous work inspired by the sprawling countryside, the clouds in the sky, and the things you get up to alone on a walk.


200_THE TALKTHE TALKMISH GRIGOR (NSW) – work in development showing
Eventually, all families have to have ‘The Talk’. Whether meeting a new partner, or noticing  a bump, eventually we must acknowledge that other members of our family are sexually active, hot-blooded creatures. Join Mish Grigor (of celebrated collective Post) as she whips out this work-in-development for it’s first test run.


DRAWN IN / FLATLINE (WA) – work in development showing200_DRAWN IN
Flatline is the collaborative practice of dancer Carl Sciberras and visual artist Todd Fuller – and Drawn In is the latest in a line of works fusing contemporary dance, live drawing, and digital media. Step into the Sue Benner Theatre to witness their work as it develops, live, raw, and fusing the rough edges of performance, music and visual art.


200_NeverlandNEVERLAND (WELL THIS IS EMBARRASSING) / M’CK MCKEAGUE – Metro Arts Work in Residence
Join M’ck to pick through the teenage cast-offs, 90’s detritus and fairy dust alike in this immersive installation that blends a teen bedroom with J.M. Barrie’s Neverland. Combining the magic and the mundane in an interrogation of dominant transgender childhood narratives, the artist opens a conversation around the first rough and ready stages of this developing work.


JOKE TRADING / JOSEPH BREIKERS – Slipstream artist residency200_JOKE TRADING
Joke Trading draws on the verbal tradition of humour and the act of joke telling as a site of social exchange and leisure. Members of the public (people) will be invited to sit with the artist (also a person) and trade jokes to their heart’s content. In the act of trading jokes – a kind of bartering – humour becomes strangely monetised… layby now.



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13 – 15 AUGUST 2015 // METRO ARTS, 109 EDWARD ST

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