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Be prepared for something magical. For something different. For crazy ideas to become even crazier realities, as student artists perform an array of multidisciplinary works. Linked only by their desire to develop during and after the festival, there is no limit to genre, form, style or theme.

For countless Brisbane creatives the beginning was Fresh Blood Festival.  Vena Cava Productions’ annual theatre and arts festival, Fresh Blood provides student creatives with their opportunity to experiment and explore. This is your chance to see the future of Brisbane’s creative scene.

Join Vena Cava’s artists, presented by Vena Cava Productions and Metro Arts, from July 12th-14th as we take over the Metro Arts building with new work, new ideas and new beginnings. For these three days in July,  emerging artists will present entirely original and fresh works to be further developed in consultation with you; the audience.



12 – 14 July – Presented by Vena Cava Productions & Metro Arts

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Please note: The workshop with Sarah Winter on Saturday has unfortunately been cancelled. The rest of the program will proceed as scheduled. 



In a foyer, two individuals sit at a table and play solitaire – a game also known as ‘Patience. It’s a game they’ve been told will conjure a ‘Time of Joyousness’…a game they have been playing for years…without break. Their incessant obsession has confined them to an invisible psychological reality of their own devising. But will it entertain their needs? Will they ever stop playing it? And if so, will their gains be worth the sacrifice? These questions and more will be answered in due time. All we can simply do is watch – or perhaps play a round with them? Just make sure you don’t lose track… Patience is an experimental collision of durational work, chance composition, interactive theatre, and Absurdism
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Is she on a journey somewhere, or is it just one stop after another? Emily’s at an intersection in her life. She’s just about to graduate, her closest friend is moving overseas, and she’s being overwhelmed by the weight of doubting every life decision she’s ever made. After colliding with someone who is in total control of their life, Emily realises its time to challenge her own life. Is she satisfied with herself? Is her happiness fragile? Is her happiness even existent?
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The Good Time Boys: New Dads
We regret to inform you that Vena Cava’s unanimous favourites, The Good Time Boys, are back. Praised by last year’s Head of Production Kayla Robinson with such statements as “obnoxious to work with” and “is this it?” We’re so excited to be back at Fresh Blood for the second year in a row, and even more stoked to be performing in one of Brisbane’s premier venues, Metro Arts. With this new achievement under our belt we’d just like to ask: how legitimately mad are you that we, The Good Time Boys, with our goshdarn filth, are performing at Brisbane’s home of new and emerging art, METRO-FREAKING-ARTS?!!! Eat your heart out Keith. For clarity’s sake Keith is my step dad who told me I’d never amount to anything. Yeah, well, your inner-city Subway isn’t that impressive now is it Keith? And mum never really loved you. We have New Dads now.
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Sugar, Sugar
We’ve all joked about it. Dropping out and getting some crusty old guy to buy our stuff for us but, what is it actually like? Who are the girls behind the sugar? Sugar Sugar follows 3 young girls who explore the Sugar Daddy phenomenon as well as its implications for themselves, their families and society as a whole.
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Within a Fleeting Moment
Every house has that one drawer where piles of old photographs and keepsakes are stored, hidden from view and seemingly forgotten. They exist as moments from the past that are now simply memories. Within a Fleeting Moment opens the drawer and invites you to recognise moments of beauty as they happen. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane.
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Sometimes It’s Hot Like the Sun
Gummy smiles. Mascara stained sheets. The smell of burnt bras. That feeling you get when your left nipple intimidates your right nipple. ‘Sometimes It’s Hot Like The Sun’ will teach your children the value of money, how to be well received on long distant phone calls and what to do when the world ends. This is a collection of stories deep from the undergrowth of our under arms. Through the use of visual multimedia, puppeteering and state of the art orthodontic metal braces, ‘Sometimes It’s Hot Like The Sun’ explores our connection and disconnection to womanhood.
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Concrete Pillow
What do a homeless woman and a young high school girl have in common? They are both misunderstood humans, needing something that they find in each other. Lucy lives in the world of boyfriends, high school drama, and parent problems. Molly’s life revolves around where her next meal is coming from. Through the unlikely friendship they form, they learn that the grass is never green, no matter what side of the fence you’re on.
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I’m Fine: The Musical
I’m Fine is an original musical that explores the suppression of mental health issues in high school. The story follows the popular but anxious Kate and the well-liked but depressed Tristan as they struggle to conceal the issues that threaten their status, friendships and lives. By watching characters interact with personifications of their mental illnesses, the audience will gain unique insight into these complex conditions. I’m Fine is a personal and poignant work that aims to challenge negative attitudes about mental illness.
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In the beginning there was nothing. No life, nor death. Nothing existed. But with time, this mass of emptiness was given two things. Light and Darkness. Simple in their form, I grant you, but they are all powerful. The Lady of Light and the Prince of Darkness. Life and Death. Mother and Father to all creation. The two “star-crossed” lovers, their love being unique, had to find a way to show their affection for each other. And so, Foundation was created, or as you may know it… Earth. To accompany this entity, was the lands and the oceans, their names; Growth and Strength. With these beings ready to support life, the Lady of Light gave gifts to Death, whom kept them forever… these gifts; humans. But it doesn’t stop there… taken from human qualities, like; Generosity, Wealth, Wisdom, Pride, Bliss, and Lust, more entities of power… more beings that influence mankind… they are the Spectrum.
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In a Greek autumn almost two thousand years ago, Arrian journeys up-country to his hermitage in the woods, taking with him his dog. Safe with his companion he writes his papers, never to be torn asunder. In the trees we sit – looking back to him just as he looks back to others, who look back to others in turn: back through time.
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What If
A Girl wakes and she is afraid. She is afraid of something that she can’t escape. What If? explores with audiences the nature of mortality through different beliefs and asks how our own fears affect the people around us. How do we as humans approach an unanswerable question and are we brave enough to ask What If? As show in development What If? is an script reading session with the opportunity for audience feedback and questions at the conclusion of the session.
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