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Metro Arts opens its doors to welcome back Brisbane emerging artists fresh from presenting in Melbourne’s Next Wave 2014.

In recognition of the need for artists to work nationally in order to build sustainable practices, Metro Arts has joined forces with the biennial festival. This is the first time that work from Next Wave festival has toured directly out of the festival, presenting an exciting opportunity for Brisbane based audiences to visit works created by Australia’s leading young artists. Next Wave is Australia’s leading platform for the showcase of young artists’ work; and signals our artist leaders of tomorrow.

From 21 May, join us for exciting new work by some of Brisbane’s best early career artists – connecting Brisbane, Melbourne and the world through a suite of amazing projects.



The 떡볶이 Box (The Dokboki Box) sets up shop in our Carriageway for a full three weeks, serving snacks, songs and stories out of a little orange tent right off the streets of Korea. Join M’ck McKeague, Younghee Park, and Nathan Stoneham – co-creators of the hit 지하Underground (Metro Arts 2011, Brisbane Festival 2012, Brisbane Powerhouse WTF 2014).

THE 떡볶이 BOX (THE DOKBOKI BOX) // 21 May – 7 June, Carriageway


Two new works by Brisbane artists also take over our Gallery: the first, The Blaktism, sees a young female ‘White Aborigine’ undertake a sacred ceremony in which she receives the rite of authenticity validated by cultural authorities ever present in the Australian cultural landscape. This new pop video work by Megan Cope highlights the absurd nature of racial classification in 21st Century Australia.

THE BLAKTISM // 21 May – 7 June, Gallery


Lesser Gods, by Ryan Presley, sits alongside in the Gallery. This interactive, mixed-media, dancefloor installation begins as a simple game of mirroring audio and visual commands on the central dance floor installation – but soon becomes a more sombre meditation on modern colonial attitudes and the ramifications of following directions.

LESSER GODS // 21 May – 7 June, Gallery


Our Basement space serves as the site for contemplative symposium, Altertruism Demos – a reflection on advocates for advancement Golden Solution’s trio of works in Next Wave; join us for a roundtable discussion on the narrowing gap between speculative fiction and fact, to reassess your freedoms, fears and desires in the face of new unmanned drone technology.

ALTERTRUISM DEMOS // 21-24 May, Basement


We’re also excited to be able to host the work of young Sydney-based dance maker Raghav Handra. Tukre’ (‘pieces’ in Hindi) explores how lineage and rites of passage transcend borders. Inspired by the contents of his luggage on arrival in Australia, his mother’s ancestral jewellery, and his grandfather’s skill at cutting gemstone, Raghav creates a memory map of his life and heritage through music and dance, to uncover how history is passed down through bloodlines, frying pans and faceting techniques!

TUKRE’ // 21-24 May, Sue Benner Theatre


To book tickets for THE 떡볶이 BOX (THE DOKBOKI BOX) and TUKRE’, follow the links or phone (07) 3002 7100.

Join us for the openings of BLAKTISM, LESSER GODS, and ALTERTRUISM DEMOS on Wednesday 21st May from 5:30pm.

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