Metro Arts’ Education program connects the artists and works developed at Metro Arts to schools and their students. There are many ways for students and their teachers to engage with the artists we work with at Metro Arts. Leading this program is FIRST LOOK.

FIRST LOOK brings students and their teachers into the rehearsal rooms and studios of the artists working with us. Be invited to participate in and contribute to a process of performance making. FIRST LOOK is a mutual process – artists have questions to ask of the students and students can challenge the artists about their process.

In 2013, Aurelian was a key work in FIRST LOOK. Produced by Metro Arts, Aurelian by Genevieve Trace was presented as part of Brisbane Festival following a regional tour around Queensland, with the support from Drama Queensland. A hybrid performance work that combined visual theatre, film, audio storybooks, physical theatre, installation art and verbatim, Drama Queensland developed the teachers’ notes surrounding the work.

Targeted at Year 10-12 students, Genevieve Trace invited students to a work in progress showing, as well as to a session in the rehearsal room where they witnessed the creative team put together the technical elements of Aurelian. They were then included in the discussions; providing feedback on the things that weren’t working, including ideas towards how the work might change for presentation. The students were later invited back to see the premiere season, observing how the work had evolved. They had been fully immersed in the making of a new work – from the making through to the presentation and beyond.

Metro Arts plays host to a wide range of artists developing work, and can provide a diversity of experiences; connecting students with devised theatre-makers, text-based or physical performers, and ensembles of multicultural artists.

We are able to craft opportunities to work in the room or undertake workshops with our 2014 Program Artists. Some of these artists include The Escapists, creators of boy girl wall, who are embarking on a new performance work; Daniel Evans, writer of Holy Guacamole, who is writing and devising a new theatre work; renowned physical performance maker Brian Lucas who continues to build on his solo dance theatre pieces; and a collective of Iranian artists developing Vis and Ramin, a new multicultural work drawing on traditional Iranian forms and contemporary performance techniques.

FIRST LOOK is well facilitated and custom-built to match the needs of students and teachers, taking into consideration curriculum, timeframes, and interest levels, as well as budget amongst other factors.

To discuss these opportunities or for more information, please contact us directly.


Image: The Escapists in development for Suburbia, 2013





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