Baran (Persian for ‘rain’ باران) is a new performance group. Artistic Director Nasim Khosravi is of a new generation of Iranian migrants to Australia applying her educational, experimental and professional theatre backgrounds in Iran to shape a new professional company in Australia. Baran is founded on one of the most basic philosophies of theatre: a means of dialogue.

Born in south of Iran, Nasim is a Brisbane based writer and director. In her works Nasim investigates possible ways for interactive theatre, while keeping a poetic tone. She is specifically interested in experimenting with modern techniques to achieve a dialogue between Iranian traditional theatrical elements and the contemporary theatre world. In this dialogue, the modern rereading, reconstruction and dramatisation of Persian classical works of literature have had a significant place.

Through a feminist perspective she has worked on her dramatisation of religious and mythological characters, which resulted in her dramatic works, drawing on characters like Mary and Sarah & Hagar. One of her dramas in this line, under the title of, The World Calms was performed by the Ayla Drama Group in Sydney.

As a feminist activist, Nasim cooperated with the One Million Signatures Campaign for the Repeal of Discriminatory Laws in Iran. She organised and offered several workshops for playwriting with feminist approaches and contributed in raising awareness for Women’s Rights by directing several street theatres. At this point she found a modification of Augusto Boal’s theory of invisible theatre in accordance with the social-political situation in Iran to be an effective way to reach her audience. This resulted in 11 performances on Women’s Rights through her adaptation of invisible theatre in multiple public/crowded places in Tehran. Nasim’s last stage theatre performance in Iran, was No Swinging Allowed performed in  March 2008 in Tehran and was banned after its first show.

Nasim started her collaboration with Hiwa Michaeli in 2002 as the actress in Hiwa’s  short drama Escape. In 2003 they co-directed To be or we open our eyes, an experimental theatre performance based on Ibsen’s A Doll’s House where they experimented with forms of active direct communication between the audience and the world of the drama in the Experimental Theatre Festival in Tehran.  The Solar Eclipse was their first co-writing experience which was directed by Nasim in the Experimental Theatre Festival in Tehran 2005.

In 2006 Nasim  completed her B.A. (Hons) in Dramatic Literature in Tehran University, Faculty of Fine Arts with a thesis on Feminist Criticism in Iranian dramatic literature with an analysis of dramatic adaptation of “Vis and Ramin”. She also achieved a Diploma in Screen and Media in 2013.

In 2013, Nasim founded Baran Theatre Group.


2016 Performance / Vis & Ramin, 10-14 May 2016; co-presented by Metro Arts & Baran

2014-2015 Work in Residence / Vis and Ramin



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