Our curatorial structure is unique.

Our Aesthetic Field is contemporary arts. We encourage a diversity of artists to engage with our Exhibition Program or our Performance Program – or somewhere in-between.

Both Programs have a developmental pathway…

Level One is a playful stage of development
Level Two is more of a traditional creative development
Level Three we invite works in development to the Producing Hub
Level Four we assist work to find audience through co-presentation and touring

We also have a Producing Hub because we believe that if artists and their work can find a way into the organisation there must also be a pathway out to diverse audiences and markets.

But how is work programmed? Traditionally it has been through national open calls to artists. These applications are then peer assessed by the Metro Arts Artistic Advisory Group (MAAAG). But that’s not the only way…

We are now approaching special projects strategically so we can accommodate more diversity amongst our artists, works, and audiences. To do this we program special projects with the advice of our Curatorium – an advisory group of national standing who also assist us in maximizing our advocacy, cultural leadership, sector impact and audience development.

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Our Vision Diagram


Metro Arts champions contemporary arts practice from both professional and creative development perspectives supporting our long term goal of quality and sustainability for artists.

We do this through our commitment to:



Metro Arts provides for artists:


We seek to develop, create, produce and co-present works by contemporary artists who defy categorisation, who celebrate hybridity of form and interdisciplinary of processes. This is done through an Open Call process, where work is selected by Peer Review. Additionally we have Special Projects selected by a Curatorium, works created through artistic and community consultation partnerships that explicitly meet Metro Arts’ strategic goals for greater diversity of form, process and representation.

We provide rigorous and flexible curatorial and critical frameworks to develop contemporary artistic expression in an environment that supports experimentation and collaboration, and helps artists and audience alike appreciate contemporary work.

We enter into professional collaboration and partnerships that reflect our shared values. Central to these values is fostering agency for artists. Agency for their vision and our mutual quest to understand what contemporary art practice will be in the future by engaging in ‘the future of contemporary arts practice now’.

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