Old/boy is an alumnus of senior queer artists based in Brisbane.

Conceived by Brian Lucas and David Fenton, Old/boy’s intent is to share our common humanity through the queer experience. To share our differences and our universal similarities with all audiences, through understanding desire, oppression, social justice and the need for a ‘voice’.

Specifically, Old/boy takes the lived experience of queer artists from the present, coupled with the legacy of outstanding queer artists from the past, to create accessible, inclusive and universal works.


Our credentials:

  • As senior artists, we have a legacy of innovative and high quality work, with a combined total of 120 professional’s works, accumulatively across 60 years of working in the industry.


Our intention for audiences is to…

  • create innovative works from queer sources promoting the universal human experience,
  • deeply engage a broader audience through art-form hybridity and queer aesthetic,
  • transport marginalised voices from the margin to the centre to investigate our commonality.


Specifically, as senior artists we aim to…

  • engaging in cultural leadership through practice,
  • pass on what we have learned to other generations of artists,
  • seek new learning opportunities for ourselves through our practice, and
  • challenge the form and process of our practice.


The Collaboration:

Old/boy have commenced and are committed to a six-year collaboration, a long-term investigation intended to generate three works, all stylistically and formally different but all addressing our overall rationale. They are…

  • Project One: Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis (created 2015)
  • Project Two: Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass (in creative development 2017)
  • Project Three: Brian Lucas’ A Body of Work (in creative development 2019)



2015 De Profundis premiered at Brisbane Powerhouse  as part of SWEET! / Produced by Metro Arts



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