Madeleine Stack is an artist and poet. Her work focuses on sculpture, video, and performance, and is concerned with the transmission and fragmentation of information, areas of friction between public and private space, and contemporary ways of being intimate with new modes of communication. Her writing seeks to further isolate these instances of technological weirdness – the collision or the failure of human emotion to reckon with what it means to use the tools we have to hand – and emphasise the radiating objects and wild swerves of narrative that ensue when living life on a multitude of spatial planes.

Much of her work refers to the circulation of bodies and capital, commodities, architecture and the politics visible in daily life. Specifically, where have these projects for a future failed, and what possibility is there for dreams of progress to be redeemed? If algorithms take the traditional role of the artist in translating and making sense of the world around us, who decides what information is filtered, which memories are stored and how the circulation of bodies and ideas flows? Her work depicts these new modes of communication and how they collapse our understanding of time and space, shortening certain distances and establishing new forms of distance, and how the self does not exist alongside these new systems but rather is inextricable from them.

Works often take fragile forms influenced by the architecture of the site: bricks made of glass, walls made of wax, texts engraved into windows, and all of it as subject to the atmosphere as a human body is. Over the course of time sculptures leak, melt, warp, disintegrate, evaporate or grow moss and mould. But these investigations don’t end in fragility, but rather potential, for better understanding why permanence is a quality to be desired at all.


2018 Exhibition Program, Gallery 2 / FUTURE SKINNED



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